Fullerene water not only protects the body from adverse effects – it has a positive effect on all the inner water of the body. A human body is built up of trillions of specialised cells. Each cell is an intricate system, which can be compared to an automatic plant. The cell is bounded with a lipid membrane and filled with cytoplasm. Cytoplasm unites all cellular structures and ensures metabolism. The basic substance of cytoplasm is water.

All processes in the body occur in an aqueous medium. Water envelopes each biomolecule and cell with a very thin layer. Upon birth, our body consists of 86 % of water. During our lifetime, the water content steadily falls, and in old age it drops to 55 %. Lack of water disturbs the processes that ensure organism functioning. While the body copes with this using inner reserves we feel ourselves healthy. However, with time metabolism is disturbed and illnesses and diseases occur.

Contact of spherical water clusters with the surface of cellular membranes restores the structure of aqueous shells specific to normal and healthy cells. Such renewal increases the resistance of cellular membranes to adverse effects, improves transmembrane transport processes and restores normal energy supply processes in the cells.

 How does this bear on the condition of the body? For instance, this ensures protection from viral infections. The aqueous shell of viruses differs from that of a healthy cell in the body. Renewal of aqueous shells of cells hinders the penetration of viruses. Viruses cannot replicate outside a cell, thus allowing us to be healthy.

The antitumor effect of fullerene water follows a similar pattern. As with viruses, the aqueous shell of tumour cells differs dramatically from that of a healthy body cell. Renewal of the aqueous shells of cells hinders the emergence of neoplasia, and if they have emerged, it inhibits their growth.

 Cells are the “building blocks” of our body. Renewal and quality functioning of their aqueous shells make for very favourable consequences for the body as a whole. Protection and renewal at the cellular level results in protection, renewal and rejuvenation of the entire human body.