Fullerene water increases the liver’s capacity to detoxication and excretion of toxic substances. To prevent hangover or mitigate its effects, it suffices to take several drinks of such water before or after drinking alcohol. The same should be done in the event of a possible hazard or food poisoning.

Preclinical studies in the National Pharmaceutical University of the MCU found that fullerene water facilitates recovery of hemodynamic and trophic processes in the liver, and has a pronounced hepatoprotective effect.

Official clinical studies at the Kharkiv National Medical University involving treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis of toxic origin with fullerene water demonstrated a significant decrease in clinical manifestations of the disease, frequency of cytolysis syndromes, immune inflammation and liver-cell deficiency. Fullerene water can be included in the combination treatment of liver pathology with a viral and toxic etiology.

Preclinical studies have shown that water with carbon molecules demonstrates a cardioprotective effect by inhibiting myocardium intoxication and producing a pronounced normalising effect on the functional condition of the cardiac muscle.

In experimental alcoholisation models, fullerene water effectively protected animals from alcohol’s toxic effect in the setting of prolonged chronic action of ethylene doses, prevented injury of the tissues in the brain and liver – organs, which are the most exposed ones to the effect of alcohol.

The quest for effective radioprotectors has been underway for decades. New radioprotectors are tested under very stringent conditions. In the Centre for Biological Studies in Pushchino (Russia), rats were exposed to X-ray doses causing a severe radiation disease and death of all animals. The use of fullerene water made for the survival of 15 % of animals.

The official preclinical studies in the Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology of the AMSU tested the effect of water at lower radiation doses. In the group where experimental rats were given ordinary water 37 % of the animals died after being exposed to radiation. Intake of fullerene water during 15 days (5 days prior to exposure and 10 day after it) made for the survival of 95 % of animals, the course of the radiation disease being significantly relieved.

Fullerene water is recommended for those who due to their professional activity or for diagnostics purposes will be exposed, are being exposed or were exposed to ionising radiation. In May 2011, the administration of the Institute for Physiologically Active Compounds addressed the government of Japan with an offer to help those who suffered from radiation exposure after the NPP Fukusima-1 accident.