The results of scientific and official medical investigations allowed for state registration of fullerene water. The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine recommends its administration as a dietary supplement to the food ration.

Fullerene water received its official name: Water with hydrated fullerene С60. The commercial product is water purified according to the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia and fullerene С60 molecules are added to it. One litre of product contains two millionths parts of a gram of dissolved fullerene С60. Each fullerene molecule is built into the spherical water cluster. One drop of product contains about ten billion of such clusters stabilised with fullerene molecules. Water is dispensed into glass 500-ml flasks and closed with tamper-evident caps. The flasks are packed in carton boxes having instruction.

No known medicinal water has such a diverse systemic effect on a live organism as fullerene water does. At SPA resorts, doctors recommend drinking medicinal water in a well-room because the water loses its properties in several hours. As for fullerene water, it can be stored for years without loss of its healing properties, and even with slight enhancement of these properties.

It is natural for a consumer to be suspicious of a new product. Only concrete results can convince the buyer. What tangible and fast results can this product yield?

After drinking fullerene water, many persons experience an improving well-being. This is especially evident in seniors. Fullerene water increases body resistance to infection diseases. If one drinks fullerene water in fall, the winter and spring seasons will pass without flu and colds. In case of a catarrh, dropping fullerene water in the nose usually alleviates the condition on the following day.

Fullerene water enhances the effect of medicines. This is easily seen if, for instance, a pain-killer tablet is taken with this water. This allows the attending physician to reduce drug dosages, especially those of strong drugs.

Water with carbon molecules adapts the body to environmental changes; makes it easier to endure the summer heat, travels, and change of time zones. Fullerene water increases the stamina, relieves the effects of stresses, and demonstrates pronounced wound-healing and anti-burn properties.