One of the diseases of the senile age is Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia. It occurs more frequently after sixty, but young people can also develop it. This disease is characterised by steady memory impairment to the extent of complete anomie. As early as the onset of the disease, being conscious of losing steadily one’s memory, a person experiences a huge emotional shock. Over thirty million persons suffer from this neurodegenerative disease. The Notebook, the romantic drama by Nicholas Sparks and the film of the same title, depict the tragedy of the kin of people suffering this awful disease.

Unfortunately, to date no drugs have been found, which could stop or reverse the course of the neurodegenerative process. Researchers are searching worldwide for drugs, which could heal this disease. At the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics RAN, researchers headed by Igor Yakovlevich Podol’sky are conducting experiments on experimental models of the Alzheimer disease. In 2007, he was the first to discover the neuroprotective properties of water with the most beautiful molecules. His paper published in January 2012 described the influence of fullerene water on the root cause of development of the neurodegenerative process memory loss.

Development of the Alzheimer disease is associated with decreasing brain water content and increased formation of the amyloid protein (beta-amyloid peptide A?25-35). The strings of this protein enlace the brain neurons similar to lianas, thereby disturbing their functioning and impairing memory. In November 2011, Podol’sky reported the results of his study at the Presidium of the RAS. It was conducted according to the program Fundamental sciences – for medicine. The study demonstrated that fullerene water has antiamyloid properties. Microinjections of fullerene water prevented the formation of amyloid protein strings and destroyed them. This resulted in subsiding neurodegenerative changes in the brain of rats and recovery of lost memory.

The interview with Igor Yakovlevich was shown in the Great Discoveries program on Channel One Russian TV on March 18 through 23, 2012.

The results allow initiating clinical studies of fullerene water as a means for treatment and prevention of the Alzheimer disease. It is supposed that patients will spray fullerene water in their nasal passages and drink it following a prescribed procedure.

Excessive formation of amyloid proteins is the cause of not only the Alzheimer disease. Apart from causing degenerative changes in the brain, it can disturb the functioning of other organs, for instance, the pancreas. This is considered a possible cause of type 1 diabetes. Amyloid proteins precipitate development of many serious human diseases with no treatment methods to date.

The amyloid-induced disease is being studied at the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the RAS under the guidance of Prof. Zoya Aleksandrovna Podlubnaya. Her studies have shown that fullerene water prevents the formation of amyloids and destructs them in the striated muscles. The antiamyloid properties of fullerene water can facilitate development of new drugs for healing previously incurable diseases. This has stimulated the interest of many research centres in studying the medical and biological properties of fullerene water.