The unique antioxidant properties of fullerene water and its capacity to renew body inner water allow looking forward to a very exciting result provided its intake is regular.

The effect of different natural and synthesised substances on longevity of mammals has been examined in detail. Adding typical antioxidants to the diet of mammals increases their average lifetime by 15 to 20 %. The best “antiageing drugs” such as resveratrol or rapamycin increase it within 25 %. Using fullerene with olive oil increased the average lifetime of animals by 90 %. A group of researchers headed by Prof. Fathi Moussa at the Universit? Paris Sud XI obtained a unique result. Such record-breaking longevity cannot be ensured by any substances currently known.

Olive oil contains chlorophyll. It determines the green colour of grass and tree leaves. Chlorophylls and fullerene form substances (DA-complexes), which in the organism of animals are transformed into fullerene water. This water ensured the record-breaking longevity of animals.

How will regular intake of fullerene water affect the lifetime of humans is yet unknown. Naturally, such results will not appear in the near future. Maybe the lifetime will not change, but perhaps researchers will succeed in improving life quality and prevent untimely ageing. Nevertheless, the unique antioxidant properties of fullerene water and its capacity to renew the inner water of the body will allow keeping up health and well-being for many years to come.

Many people love their home pets. Unfortunately, cats and dogs do not live long. Fullerene water can extend the lifetime of home pets.