In renewing and protecting the human body, fullerene water also has an impact on the skin. In contrast to Japanese rejuvenating fullerene cosmetics, water with carbon molecules can affect the condition of skin not only on its exterior. The skin is continually subject to adverse effects. The oxidative stress is considered one of the factors of organism ageing and the main cause of skin ageing. Rejuvenation of the skin and of the entire body is the result of regular intake of fullerene water.

In 2010, a group of researchers from a university in New Mexico demonstrated an unexpected influence of the oxidative stress level on the choice of a sexual partner. It turned out that females and males without any analysis, at a glance, can identify those having the lowest oxidative stress level. The lower the oxidative stress levels the higher the probability of birth of healthy children. The most attractive males and females have an antioxidant system functioning in the best way.

This is an explanation of why the most attractive persons are not always the most beautiful ones. This opens a new line in cosmetics – by maintaining a low oxidative stress level, to increase one’s attractiveness. Due to its unique antioxidant action, several gulps of fullerene water can maintain a low oxidative stress level during several weeks. All this time, water automatically neutralises the emerging adverse effects of free radicals.

Besides drinking, fullerene water can be used for washing and rub-down. It can be added to water when taking full and local baths, and steaming hands and feet before manicure and pedicure. After washing the hair, fullerene water is fine to be used as a conditioner by rubbing it into the skin of the head.