As a rule, pathological processes and adverse impacts increase the level of free radicals in the organism. The ischemic cardiac disease, atherosclerosis, oncological diseases, hypertension and many other diseases occur because of an oxidative stress. An oxidative stress takes several decades of life away from a person. It is considered as one of the factors of organism ageing.

A person’s own antioxidant system maintains a physiologically expedient level of free radicals, though sometimes it fails. For instance, ionising radiation during radiolysis of body inner water results in an avalanche of free radicals. In this case, the body fails to cope on its own with the oxidative stress. This causes damage to cellular structures and development of an acute radiation disease. Antioxidants are used for reducing the oxidative stress level. The action of known antioxidants is based on that one antioxidant molecule neutralises one free radical. In so doing, determining the optimal antioxidant dose is a challenging task. A big dose will reduce the level of free radicals to an inadmissible one and the body will attempt to neutralise the antioxidant. Should there be a lack of antioxidant, the body will fail to cope with its task. When determining the antioxidant dose, one should account for the body’s own antioxidant state, it being hard to take into account incidental adverse effects.

With fullerene water, everything is much easier. Water with carbon molecules is a universal antioxidant, which demonstrates “reasonable” activity by independently controlling the number of free radicals. A spherical water cluster provides conditions for approach of free radicals. When two free radicals meet, they neutralise each other to form a neutral compound. The antioxidant effect of water increases with an increasing number of free radicals. This is the reason why a spectrum of protective properties of fullerene water exists. The antioxidant effect of water decreases with a decrease in the number of free radicals to a normal level. In so doing, the level of free radicals does not drop lower than that required for normal functioning of the body.

In contrast to typical antioxidants, which are spent on neutralising free radicals and function until they are depleted, there is nothing spent in fullerene water. After its intake, the protective action is preserved for several weeks. If by any reason, be it bad-quality food, alcohol, smoking, electromagnetic radiation of household appliances, X-ray examination, sun tan, a solar burst, an air flight, an accident at a nuclear power plant and many other factors, an oxidative stress will occur and fullerene water will cope with this independently and automatically. The antioxidant activity of fullerene water exceeds by 100 to 1,000 times that of typical antioxidants, vitamins Е and С, and natural carotenoids and flavonoids. As to effectiveness, it is on a par with class SkQ antioxidants, more known as Skulachev’s ions. Skulachev’s Ions is one of the best known and expensive Russian projects for developing “antisenility tablets”.